Understanding How Cell Division Works

Cell Division

How are new cells formed?

The cell is the basic building block for all life on Earth. All cells must divide and replicate in order to reproduce. Single-celled organisms divide and replicate in order to reproduce but multi-cellular organisms like humans replicate their cells in order to grow, reproduce and to maintain their body be replacing old or dead cells.

In humans, cells divide and die in a constant cycle that keeps the tissue stimulated. This process is called cell division and the cycle itself is called a cell cycle.

How do we define cell division?

The process of cell division is when a parent cell divides and replicates creating two or more genetically identical daughter cells in order to repair tissue, sexually reproduce or bodily growth.

Why is understanding cell division so important?

Cell division is vital in large multi-celled organisms such as humans. Nearly every part of our body needs to grow and depends on this division for growth, regeneration and reproduction.

The effect of cell division on penis size

As with almost any other body part, the human penis is made up of numerous tissues. These tissues are made up of numerous cells. Every one of these cells plays a crucial role in growing and developing a man’s genitals.

The penis is thought to go through massive changes as a result of cell division. This division causes a growth in the corpus cavernosum, corpus spongiosum, urethra and vascular vessels. Because this growth occurs in the penis, it causes an increase of length and girth.

This is why the traction method is said to be clinically proven to increase the size of the penis. The most efficient use of this principle is through the use of a penis extension device or less efffectively penis exercises.