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ProEnhance Patch

Male enhancement patches have the same stigma attached to them as male enhancement pills do although maybe slightly less so as they are newer onto the market.

As with pills they are not a wonder drug that will work by themselves. To enlarge penis length and girth, exercises or a penis extender must be used.

Patches have become a valid form of medicine and today they are used to help smokers break their addiction to nicotine.

They are more discreet than taking pills as you just attach the patch to a hairless part of your skin.

Natural male enhancement patches are generally preferred to pills as they are far more discreet. It is just a matter of sticking it on and forgetting about it as opposed to pills that must be taken 2 or 3 times a day.

The best natural male enhancement patches we reviewed were ProEnhance patches.

If you are not too keen on taking pills then natural male enhancement patches are a great alternative.

ProEnhance patches are currently rated the #1 male enhancement patch.

What are the benefits of using ProEnhance patches?

  • The patch can give you harder, longer, more pleasurable erections and orgasms.
  • It can improve the quality of your erections.
  • May lead to a faster, more intense arousal with a bigger appetite for sex
  • Can give impressive ejaculations for increased pleasure
  • May lead to more confidence in the bedroom
  • Consistent dosing delivers the doctor-approved formulation through your skin, directly into the blood stream
  • No need to take any pills or get any prescriptions
  • Can be worn in the shower, while taking part in sports, or during any of your other day-today activities.
  • The patches are 100% natural, medically endorsed and have no side-effects
  • Comes with the Erection System™ penis exercise program that you can do when using the patch.

How do ProEnhance patches work?

ProEnhance Patch

After the patch has been applied to a clean, ideally hairless part of skin, the patch goes to work delivering its ingredients via transdermal delivery.

This means the patch releases a constant but steady dose into the bloodstream through the skin.

This can be more beneficial than using pills as you can simply apply the patch and forget about it, rather than having to remember to take pills everyday.

ProEnhance Delivery System

ProEnhance Ingredients

The natural male enhancement patches contain all natural ingredients that eliminates the possibility of any side effects.

You will probably recognise some, if not all the ingredients in the Pro Enhance patch.

These ingredients alongside other proven and long established traditional libido enhancing ingredients have been used in ancient medicine for centuries for health and well-being.

Are ProEnhance patches medically endorsed?

At the time of writing this review, the Pro Enhance natural male enhancement patch is the ONLY doctor-approved male enhancement patch on the market today.

Are there any risks?

As all the ingredients are natural, there are no possible side effects and so the risks are minimal.

If there were any issues the only thing we could foresee is if the patch is being worn for a long time then it could cause some skin irritation.

Do ProEnhance patches come with a guarantee?

Yes, Pro Enhance offers a 67 money-back guarantee when you order online – that gives you 60 days to determine if you like the product and another 7 to send it back to the manufacturer in case you don’t like your results.

How much do the ProEnhance patches cost?

There are a range of Pro Enhance natural male enhancement patches that vary in cost and what bonuses come with them.


We have rated Pro Enhance male enhancement patches number 1 in our review for various reasons.

  • The Pro Enhance patch is currently the number one market leading natural male enhancement patch.
  • It is incredibly convenient. It is just a matter of putting it on and leaving it until it needs replaced. It stayed on when showering but obviously has to come off for activities like swimming.
  • The Erection System™ penis exercises that come with the Pro Enhance natural male enhancement patches are also excellent quality.
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