Bathmate Review

What is Bathmate?

If you are reading this, then you have heard of Bathmate and have started to do some research thus you have found our Bathmate Review.

You are wondering how it works but most importantly, you want to know if it actually works.

Of course, before buying Bathmate, you should know everything you can about it.

While the internet has lots of information and Bathmate comes highly recommended, it never hurts to do your own research. You never know if what you find out will sway your opinion. So, this is an in-depth Bathmate review of exactly what you need to know.

Bathmate hydromax is the real deal for men who want to improve their sex life. Why? Well, in this article, we are going to review why every man should consider getting bathmate hydromax to boost their performance in bed. But first: What is the bathmate penis pump?

This is a penis pump that works differently from other brands. The bathmate hydromax was introduced in the market in 2006; the device has grown in popularity. What sets the bathmate penis pump aside from others is that it uses water instead of air. In this case, it is much safer.

How does the Bathmate work?

This model of the penis pump uses negative pressure to release water from the pump. In return, the water creates a shield or a cushioning around the penis for safety.

Bathmate works on both the chamber of the penis and the tissue surrounding it. Once the chambers and the tissue become bigger, more blood will flow to the penis giving the user a bigger erection when the need arises. The best thing about Bathmate is that you do not have to buy with fear of losing your money if it proves ineffective because it comes backed by a money refund guarantee if it does not perform to your expectations.

Benefits of Bathmate Pump

  • Longer Penis – Most men, of course, women too, prefer a long penis for ultimate pleasure. With Bathmate, you can increase the length of your penis by up to three inches and be confident when you stand in the bathroom along with your mates.
  • Wider Penis – If you feel that your organ should have been a little wider, worry not because Bathmate hydro pump will help you achieve your desired girth. It can erode your self-esteem when your organ is a few centimetres less than the average girth.
  • Improved Self-Esteem – With a long and wide penis, you will no doubt feel like you can sweep any woman off her feet. Moreover, just knowing that you have a few inches more than the standard length is something to boast about to your mates and boost your confidence.
  • Enhanced Sexual Stamina – No partner wants a person who lasts a few seconds and immediately turns around to go to sleep, without satisfying them. It is not only selfish but also can be the cause of tension in a relationship. To avoid this, a hydro pump will keep both you and your partner happy because you will go longer and achieve maximum pleasure. Who does not want more orgasms?
  • Comfortable on the penis – Unlike the air pumps that cause soreness on the base area, the bathmate is comfortable and quite great to wear. It also uses warm water which is comfortable for your skin.
  • Fast results – You don’t need to wait for weeks or months to achieve great penis results with bathmate. The results are noticeable within minutes as long as you use it correctly. Within the second phase (10 minutes), you will see your dick looking larger. Research shows that one can gain 1/4 or 1/2 inch within a session of 15 minutes. Another benefit as to why you should consider getting bathmate hydromax is that you can still see and feel the changes within a day. The high effects are felt within 4 to 6 hours of pumping the penis, but it takes 24 hours for the full effect to end.
  • Safety – Bathmate is not like any other penis pumps you can pick from the shelves anywhere. It is different in that it uses the principle of water qualities, most especially that of pressure. The spongy tissue that surrounds the penis head creates a vacuum which the penis pump manipulates. The water applies pressure on the penile chambers resulting in the enlargement of the penis as well as safe patterns. Besides, the pump distributes evenly the water pressure which results in uniform enlargement of the penis along the entire shaft. There have been cases where men reported getting injuries on the blood vessels for using penis pumps but not with bathmate. The use of water when pumping protects the penis by providing a cushioning surface. Also, the bathmate works against the pressure, ensuring you have more control for safety.
  • Lubrication – The penis pump uses water as a lubricant which ensures you have a well-lubricated penis that also remains moisturized for the entire time you will be using the pump. Penis lubrication reduces friction which can be harmful to the penis. It also reduces dryness of the skin enhancing the user to get the full benefits of the Bathmate.
  • Treats Diseases – When your penis cannot erect to keep your partner happy, you will not enjoy the relationship. That does not have to be your eternal story because the hydro pump will change it for you. If you have erectile dysfunction, Bathmate will help you with your problem. Further, when you ejaculate prematurely and leave your partner without orgasm, Bathmate will erase this problem for good. If you do not want to go under the knife or are afraid of other artificial solutions, then Bathmate will work for you. It is not only safe since it uses water, it is also a mild solution that caresses the shaft of your penis. Buy it and get first-hand experience with this beautiful product.
  • Money back guarantee– On top of the two-year warranty for quality assurance, this device comes with 60 day money back guarantee.

How To Use The Bathmate Penis Pump

  • Shave your pubic hair – You need to be as smooth as possible when inserting this device on the penis. So, shave off all the pubic hair around the penis.
  • Use it accordingly – The bathmate package comes with the manual instruction on how to use it most, especially in time. Most models are supposed to be used in 15 minutes, but you should divide the time into three phases of 5 minutes each.
  • Fill the pump with warm water, slip it to your penis, and pump it to release the pump’s water.
  • Divide the time into three phases of 5 minutes per session.
  • Do it gently to avoid hurting your penis.
  • It works better if you are slightly erect.
  • Just use it in 15 minutes per day.

Bathmate Side Effects

  • Bathmate is safe for all men since it uses warm water and pumps the negative pressure, which is less aggressive than air. Dr. James Barada backed this up on a radio interview who said this device is more comfortable to the users, and he recommended it to his patients.
  • Other health institutes that support bathmate hydromax are the NHS and Medicare who sell some of the bathmate brands.
  • According to Saraha Hewson (BSc) research, she stated that the use of water instead of air ensures the user has more control of the device and the pumping effect is smoother. Therefore, a bathmate reduces the chances of incurring injury on the penis when pumping.

Safety Precautions

  • Do not use it for more than 15 minutes as recommended since it can damage your penis.
  • Don’t employ a lot of pressure when pumping with it since it can easily result in an injury.
  • If you experience discomfort or pain when pumping, take a break and relax.

Types of Bathmate Hydromax

What Bathmate is right for me?

This Bathmate Penis Pump comes in three different models; the Hydro series, Hydromax series and the Hydromax Xtreme.

  • Hydro Series – This was the first invention designed for people with a smaller dick size of 7 inches when erected. It is also the cheapest model since it costs around $110.
  • Hydromax Series – This is an upgraded version of the hydro series and is their best seller. It is more powerful since it gives up to 35% more pump power when used. The hydromax series come in different categories which are; Hydromax 5, 7 Wideboy, and Hydromax 9. You can get these models at a price range of between $129 to $199.
  • Hydromax Xtreme – This features a different creation since it comes with a handball pump and other useful accessories. It is a bit more expensive and the the price ranges from $209 to $399. Please note that the handball pump is detachable.

Is the Bathmate Pump worth it?

Imagine increasing the size of your penis with an inch in 10 minutes! This device has also boosted men’s sexual performance considering the effects lasts for 24 hours. It is a dream of every man to have a bigger manhood, and this device aids with that. The pump, in conjunction with the bathmate solution cream, can deliver astonishing results.

Bathmate Accessories

The package comes with other accessories that you may find useful too. They include;

  • Hydrovibe – This accessory is attached to the bottom part of the bathmate device. It somehow sends vibration motions to the penis when pumping, making one feel great. It works by helping the penis to relax therby improving circulation, which results in harder, better erections.
  • Cleaning accessories – The package comes with a cleaning solution and a brush to keep the device clean after every use.
  • Shower strap – The strap is crucial for those who may want to wear the device when taking a shower since you don’t need to hold it with hands. Thus, you can focus on your shower session.
  • Measuring stick – This is useful to measure the size of your girth before and after using the pump.
  • Trimmer – This gadget is used to trim the pubic hair to get an excellent grip of the pump when you slip it to the penis. This gadget is safe to use in most sensitive areas like around the scrotum and shaft.

Other Products

The Bathmate brand has expanded, and now they have other products that you may find interesting:

  • Power rings
    • Barbarian ring: it is shaped in a circular form for easy slipping on and off.
    • The gladiator ring: it features three nubs on the inside for adjusting the ring when controlling pressure. This type of ring is useful for enlarging the penis and for increasing erection duration.
    • The spartan ring; it is shaped in octagon design and it helps tighten the penis for a better erection.
  • Rhythm rings – This is another penis ring essential for improving pleasure when having sex. It cost $14.95.
  • Max out-Jelqing serum – This adds size to the penis and you can incorporate the max out serum to prevent injury on the skin.
  • Vibe rings – This combo of Flexi cock ring and vibration effect helps one get a larger penis and prolonged ejaculation, so you and your partner can enjoy sex as much as you.
  • Pleasure lube – For better sex for you and your partner.
  • Bathmate control solution – This solution works by delaying one’s orgasm so you can last longer. You can acquire quality bathmate solution from the Official website. The website ships the product with other accessories like a 2-year warranty, free delivery services, and a 60 day refund.


Which is the best among the three?

Hydromax Xtreme stands as the best model from the three since it is super easy to use and provides excellent results. However, this model is also the most expensive. The Hydromax series is the second-best choice, especially for people who are on a budget.

Check out the size chart when choosing a pump to guide you in finding the right fit.

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