Male Enhancement Exercises

Male Enhancement Exercises Reviews

Male enhancement exercises are often used by men that are unhappy with the size of their penis but are unsure of penis extenders, male enhancement pills or penis enlargement patches.

Penis Enlargement History

Throughout history men have had the desire to increase the size of their penis.

Most people think that male enhancement has become hugely popular due to human sexuality changing over the years.

This however, is absolute nonsense.

Although it could be argued that society has an increase in sexual activity, attitudes towards it has shifted and it is now seen in a more positive light, male enhancement is more than just a novel idea and the topic of penis enlargement history has came to the forefront.


Penis enlargement history can be dated back to Ancient Greece, the penis has always had value placed on it.

The Ancient Greeks favoured small penises, they put a huge amount of effort into making certain their genitals were healthy.

Their sophisticated tastes made them look upon smaller penises as far more aesthetically pleasing compared to their larger counterparts.

During this time, young men are said to have worked out naked and guarded their genitals by stretching the prepuce over the glans and fastening it – to the base of the penis – using a type of ribbon.


Roughly 2, 000 years ago, hanging weights from the penis in order to increase length had become widespread in Africa and was used by numerous tribes.

It has also been suggested that this technique dates back to Ancient Egypt and the Pharoahs themselves were rumoured to use this practice to increase their penis size.

Hanging weights is as simple as it sounds. It involves hanging weights from the penis in order to lengthen the various tissues that make up the penis.

Even though this method was considered to have limited success in increasing penis length, it was said to have an adverse effect on penile girth.

Furthermore, it has been reported to have a detrimental effect on circulation within the penis cells, starving them of their crucial supply of oxygen and other nutrients essential for them to survive.

Far East

Less risky and less radical methods for penis enlargement were also created in ancient times.

The first involves herbal supplements and/or the use of penile exercises.

The massive offering of treatment options offered by Far East herbal medicine included ginseng and yohimbe, which are still used today.

Male enhancement pills, patches and cream/oils produced today usually incorporate one or maybe even combination of these herbs to aid natural and easy penile enhancement.


The Ancient Arabic civilisations also considered the size of the penis to be a status symbol.

Young Arab men were said to have been given lessons on the jelq/jelqing technique – which is still an incredibly popular male enhancement technique – once the came of age.

The jelqing technique is the most effective in penis enlargement history.

It consists of massaging the semi-erect penis in a regular and consistent rhythm, increasing bloodflow to the penis.

The effects of this approach are said to appear in a few months if it is performed regularly correctly.

This jelqing technique is similar to the traction principle a penis extender uses to increase penis size.


Finally, the penis enlargement pump (vacuum pump) was created in the 20th century, the actual penis pump was conceived by a great Austrian man called Otto Ledever.

This particular device marks the start of modern equipment in cosmetic treatments.

The penis enlargement pump creates a vacuum pressure around the penis and causes the cells to swell with blood.

Most of these techniques continue to be found today.

It is good to understand penis enlargement history so that you have a better background of the various male enhancement techniques and devices in order to fully understand each methods effectiveness.

With regards to this, men should use this information to decide for themselves, what approach(es) will be best for them.

The primitive techniques that were used in the past have evolved into the medically endorsed male enhancement exercises we have today.

Modern day male enhancement exercises are safe and if performed correctly can result in your penis gaining inches in length and girth.

Many men prefer to try natural male enhancement exercises first as they are unsure about taking male enhancement pills and want to try them before purchasing a penis stretcher.

Are Male Enhancement Exercises Safe?

Male enhancement exercises are the oldest form of penis enlargement and are totally safe.

If men do run into trouble, it is not usually the techniques themselves; it is usually that they have over done them.

Overtraining is a risk that any form of exercise has so we have listed a few pointers on how to avoid any accidents.

Enlarging the penis will take time so follow the exercises to the letter and do not over do it.

Overdoing it can cause mild swelling of the penis and in severe cases temporary erectile dysfunction.

These are very rare but if this does happen it will mean you will have to take a couple of days off from training to let your penis heal which will stunt your growth.

Paid male enhancement programs should have beginner, intermediate and advanced techniques so that you can work through the program at the correct speed without overdoing it.

The most important thing of all: listen to your body and use your common sense. If you are in any pain then stop all exercises and take a couple of days off to let your penis heal then ease yourself back into them.

Is natural male enhancement safe? Yes. There is obviously a bit more to it than that which we will explore.

Before every man decides to enlarge their penis they ask themselves, is it safe – or at least they should.

The adult entertainment industry and even the internet as a whole is full of ads for penis enlargement products claiming to promote penis growth.

The ads range from ridiculous to dangerous and so it is important that you know what products to avoid.

It is important to buy tried and tested products from reputable companies. After all you only get one penis so why would you want to ruin it.

We have reviewed various male enhancement products to give you the top performers in each category in order to save you time and so that you can make an informed choice.

Why use Penis Exercises?

  • Can increase penis size and erection length
  • Can also help you achieve thicker, harder erections
  • The exercises and medically endorsed by Doctors and may also help you gain better muscle control in turn better ejaculation control.

How do Male Enhancement Exercises Work?

The penis consists of numerous tissue and arteries which determine the size of your penis.

When you become aroused, erectile tissue called the corpora cavernosum fills with blood and gives you an erection.

Penis exercises work increasing the size of the corpora cavernosum.

When you use natural male enhancement exercises you stretch the corpora cavernosum by forcing excess blood into the penis which causes it to create new cells to deal with extra blood flow.

The creation of these cells causes the penis to adapt and increases the penis length and girth.

What are the Benefits?

  • Can increase penis size and erection length
  • Can also help you achieve thicker, harder erections
  • The exercises are medically endorsed by Doctors and may also help you gain better muscle control in turn better ejaculation control.

Are Penis Exercises Medically Endorsed?

Penis exercises should be medically endorsed so you do not need to worry about that when you are exercising. You can just focus on increasing the size of your penis.

We have received numerous questions regarding natural male enhancement so we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions below.

Which Method is Best?

There isn’t really a universally accepted optimal method for increasing penis size as it varies from person to person.

The best method is the one that works for you.

The most popular method is the penis extender as it seems to be quicker than male enhancement exercises at delivering results for most men.

The second most popular method is a combination of male enhancement pills and penis exercises as they are not as expensive as an extender but tend to take longer before most men notice any significant gains.

There are numerous other options such as creams and weights but we have not seen any evidence that these will help increase the size of the penis.

There is also penile surgery but this is incredibly expensive and only a third of men are said to be happy with the results as it only increases the flaccid length of the penis.

Are There Any Risks?

As long as you follow the instructions to the letter and do not over do it, penis extenders are completely safe.

The same can be said about male enhancement pills and penis exercises.

Most sites suggest you contact a doctor before starting an exercise program but it is entirely up to you.

The male enhancement pills we have reviewed are all from reputable companies and there has been no reported side effects.

Are all Penis Enlargement Sites the Same?

Each male enhancement exercise site offers similar exercises but the quality can vary and in turn will affect your results.

A company which charges you for $40 for a simple text document not to be trusted and basically robbing you.

Look for interactive websites which have been rated well by review sites and check what their program offers.

You should be suspicious of a company with a ‘cheap’ looking website as they may be an unscrupulous website with no support or interactive content and just be trying to rip you off.

Can Pills Really Enlarge the Penis?

Male enhancement pills by themselves will not increase the size of the penis by themselves but when combined with an exercise program can help increase the size of the penis.

Many men combining male enhancement exercises and pills say they are achieving faster results and larger gains.

Again be careful and read the small print and ALWAYS go for a popular company with a well designed site that is filled with good information.

This should include a list of the products contents and what the pill aims to do.

We would also recommend looking for pills that come with a money back guarantee.

After I am Happy with my Gains is it Safe to Just Stop?

We would not recommend stopping at once but rather slowly reducing how long you are using a penis extender or exercises over a period of time in order to try and retain the size gains.

Some of these Sites Seem Like Scams?

Today the male enhancement industry is huge and this has led to fraudster setting up fake sites and trying to rip people off.

As a consumer you must take your time and not rush these decisions. Take your time and make sure you visit well-known sites and have a thorough read through their website.

Can Exercises Help with Premature Ejaculation

There are some male enhancement exercises that are specifically designed to help combat premature ejaculation.

Exercises that concentrate on exercising the PC muscle in particular may help with this issue and could help prevent premature ejaculation.

If you are concerned with this issue we would recommend using kegel exercises as they have some great exercises.

Do I REALLY want to enlarge my penis?

This is obviously a question you have to ask yourself before commencing any male enhancement program.

Ask yourself: are you happy with the girth of your penis? Are you happy with the length of your penis? Are you confident naked?

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