Jelqing Exercise

What is Jelqing? The Jelqing exercise is a penis exercise that is also commonly known as “milking” and is used to increase penis size. To be specific, jelqing can help increase both the length as well as the girth of your penis. Back in 2001, when penis extenders were still in their infancy, men had …

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About the Penis

Penis Anatomy It is a good idea to learn about the penis and its anatomy so you are aware of how male enhancement works to increase length and girth. The penis is the male reproductive organ that is also used for expelling urine from the male body. It consists of: Glans penis/glans: this is the …

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Male Enhancement Surgery Risks

While the average penis size is said to be between 5.5 and 6.5 inches in length, a condition called micropenis is when the penis is less than 2 ¾ inches in length when erect. This condition has contributed to a huge increase in men opting for male enhancement surgery or phalloplasty. Male enhancement surgery is …

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Free Penis Exercises

Below we have provided you with a couple of free penis exercises that have kindly donated by a variety of paid websites. The exercises we have included are VERY basic and will obviously not deliver great results by themselves. You will find two free penis exercises below. Clearly the free penis exercises we have included …

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