Jelqing Exercise

What is Jelqing?

The Jelqing exercise is a penis exercise that is also commonly known as “milking” and is used to increase penis size.

To be specific, jelqing can help increase both the length as well as the girth of your penis.

Back in 2001, when penis extenders were still in their infancy, men had no alternative to jelqing. Men were said to be able to increase both the length and the girth of their penis by an inch in no time at all.

Does Jelqing Work?

The short answer to this is yes, and the even better news is that it won’t cost you a penny.

The key to jelqing is to be consistent as well as patient. You need to understand a little about how it works and what to expect.

Most guys who fail to increase the size of their penis by jelqing are either inconsistent, not committed, or have goals that are not realistic.

When you use jelqing for male enhancement, you should be able to gain an inch in both length and girth.

How to Jelq?

The jelqing exercise forces blood into the penis shaft, and thereby increases internal pressure. This pressure must be maintained using consistent strokes.

In much the same way that lifting weight and resistance training use pressure that results in damage and micro tears, the same can be said about the structure of your penis when you jelq.

Most of the damage and micro tears will heal overnight. It should be noted here that jelqing continually and overworking the penis will actually slow down the process of penis enlargement.

To perform the jelqing exercise, you need to make the “OK” hand gesture with your hand. This is done by joining together your thumb and forefinger.

Once in this position, grip the base of your partially erect penis that has been previously lubricated.

Grip in order to restrict the flow of blood, going on to slide tour forwards towards of your penis, creating pressure and you slide your hand.

When your hand reaches the top of your penis, go on to perform the same motion with your other hand.

This process should be a continual one, swapping hands for as many strokes as you can of around 3 seconds in length.

It is recommended that wrap the penis in a warm wrap before jelqing. This will ensure that the tissues are relaxed and will reduce the possibility of injury to the tissues.

Jelqing Exercise Video

A Step By Step Guide to Jelqing

Considerations when jelqing

The process of jelqing for natural penis enlargement is an easy process. There are a few key concepts you should however take time to master, these really helping with the process.

Level of Erection

Before you start jelqing, you must have the appropriate level of erect penis.

If you try to jelq with a soft penis, you won’t be putting enough pressure on your penis and blood won’t be forced into your shaft. This in turn means that your penile tissue won’t expand and you won’t get the growth results you are expecting for jelqing.

On the other hand, if you try to jelq with a with a full erection it won’t work either. This is because your penis will be too hard to create the desired expansion of tissue. Remember that to masturbate you have a full erection, but for jelqing you only need a semi-hard penis.

So, as a rule of thumb, your level of erection should be somewhere between 50 and 80% hard for correct jelqing, 100% being a full-on erection.

The general train of thought is that when you jelq with an erection of around 60 to 70% you will be able to grow your penile length more easily. If you are concerned more about the girth of your penis, try jelqing with an erection of between 70 and 80%.

However, not everyone is agreement with this, some veterans believing that the reverse is true. So, to get the very best out of your jelqing, I suggest and recommend that you use a combination of the two levels of erection.

When you first start jelqing, your penis will need to get used to such high levels of pressure. For this reason high levels of erection of 80% should be avoided when you first start out. As your penis gets used to the pressure, you can go on to increase your erection level and duration and intensity of your jelqing sessions.


To correctly jelq, you need to use an “OK” grip on your penis.

To do this you can either use your thumb and index finger, or your entire hand

The “OK” grip can be used in two different ways. The standard grip is palms up, palms down being an overhand grip.

The “OK” grip is achieved by creating a circle with your thumb and forefinger. As long as you can trap blood effectively, your fingers don’t actually need to join. This scenario is known as a “U” or pinch grip. For most effective work on the corpora carvenosa (CC) you should use the U grip vertically, this encouraging girth gains.

Jelqing Exercise

For effective penile enhancement you need to work on the entire penis, varying the way you grip your penis as you jelq.

However, you must always try to maintain the same strength of grip as you jelq, introducing variations only at the start of a stroke.

When you start a jelqing exercise session, it should be low intensity, working up gradually to full grip, strength, and intensity. This way you will avoid injuries and spots.

Finding the Proper Grip

Angle and Positioning

We suggest that you use different angles, depending on your jelqing goals.

When your penis is pointing towards the ceiling in an upward angle, the Tunica is stretched.

This angle is generally used alongside a high level of erection. The Tunica is harder to stretch than the ligaments, and should be stretched in order to increase girth.

When using this angle, the standard “OK” grip should be used, even though it is harder to grip from the base of your penis when it is at this angle.

Using a downward angle you will place more strain on the ligaments, this being appropriate for lengthening your penis. The downward angle should be used with the overhand OK grip.

The penis should be semi-erect and pointing downward, this being an easy and effective way to jelq, starting right at the base of the shaft.

To further enhance each jelqing stroke, pull to the right with your left hand and to the left with your right hand using the standard OK grip.

Alternatively, use the overhand grip and pull in the same direction as the hand. This will stretch the ligaments whilst focusing on each side with each individual strike, promoting a growth in the length of your penis.

Positioning of your Body

Here, we suggest that you do whatever is comfortable for you. However, many men prefer to stand as they jelq as it increases the initial blood pressure of the penis.

However, if you are not comfortable standing or it is not practical you can jelq sitting down with your legs raised above the level of your penis. This ensures good blood pressure but also an easy access to your penis.


No stroke should be less than 3 seconds, the speed of each stroke being important. It is easy to lose concentration when jelqing, speeding up without realizing you are doing so. To prevent this from happening you can use a watch or metronome to time each stroke or you can count in your head.

To encourage length gain even more, a short but light stretch at the end of each stroke is good, this being similar to the Jai stretch.

As a guideline, when you start jelqing, you should perform around 200 strokes each day, using a medium grip.

As your penis gets used to the jelqing exercise, you can then go on to increase the strength of your grip as well as the number of strokes to between 300 and 500 each week.

Once your penis is fully used to the jelqing exercise, this number can be increased again to around 500 daily strokes with a medium or strong grip. If needed, take a rest day every other day, or just once a week.

Benefits of Regular Jelqing

  • An increase in penile girth
  • An increase in penile length
  • Better blood flow to the penis and greater capacity for oxygen of the penile veins.
  • Stronger and harder erections, most especially when you combine them with Kegel exercises
  • Skin that is more elastic
  • Increased tissue expansion that is significant when done by veterans and before a bathmate session.

Is Jelqing Safe?

Potential Dangers and Side Effects

Discoloration and Red Spots

Techniques for preventing and reducing discoloration

Warm wrap and massaging
  • Before each jelqing exercise session, massage your penis with a warm washcloth, wrapping your penis up and using your thumbs to massage it.
  • After a jelqing exercise session, massage your penis with coconut oil.
ACE Wrap/Theraband

To reduce and prevent discoloration, wrap the area of your penis that is discolored with an ACE bandage or a theraband after your session.

Make sure that the wrap is tight enough to reduce the blood flow only slightly. What this does is that is ensures that your penis isn’t still full of blood as it recovers from its workout.

It’s our opinion however that unless you are using a penis extender to lengthen your penis, you shouldn’t restrict its blood flow. Restricting blood flow is known to slow down the recovery process.

Your penis needs all the hormones, red blood cells, and nutrients it can get in order to grow and become stronger.

All of the above methods are effective for the vast majority of men. They are not however solutions that will work overnight. They take time.

Other Consideration


We believe that warming up is a good idea, a great and easy way to do so being a warm show for 5 to 10 minutes before your session.

You may prefer to use a hot water bottle or a heating pad or wash cloth for the same results.

You can even sit a warm laptop on your naked penis for a while, the feeling of that being quite divine.

However, seasoned jelqers will tell you that warm ups are not necessary.

This is because their penises are used to the jelqing exercise and are stronger than yours.

If you are going to do manual exercises, we recommend a warm-up. It really can’t do any harm.

Warming Down

To prevent discoloration, many men will warm down after a jelqing exercise session with a wrap and massage as mentioned above.

Use of Lubricants

We suggest wet jelqing, although some men jelq dry. It really is up to you, some of the most popular lubricants used being water-based Astroglide and KY Jelly.

Others prefer to use Vaseline or baby oil, or other oil-based lubes. Emu oil has been said to help prevent discoloration of your penis, but we can’t confirm this.

One no-no for jelqing is soap. Soap will hurt if it comes into contact with the head of your penis, and sodium laurel sulfate that is present in 98% of soaps is actually bad for your skin when exposed to the substance for long periods of time.

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