Homemade Penis Extenders Risks

Men are starting to look into penis stretchers as a way to increase the size of their penis as it is widely considered to be the most efficient way to do it.

As it is backed up with clinical trials and based on the sound traction principle for lengthening limbs it has become increasingly popular.

This popularity has led to men attempting to build their own homemade penis extender rather than buy one from a reputable source.

It must be noted that most penis extenders are clinically tested, medically certified devices.

Homemade Penis Extender
Medically certified penis extender

While it may seem like a good idea to attempt to build a homemade penis extender of your own, homemade devices are not safe and can even be dangerous.

It is incredibly difficult to design and reproduce the professional look that you get from a manufacturer – even with the correct tools.

Looks aside, in terms of effectiveness, a homemade penis extender will never deliver the same results as a professionally manufactured device.

For example, if a cheap homemade device breaks or causes injury it could lead to an embarrassing visit to the hospital.

This is more likely due to the homemade extender being very basic, cheap and not extensively medically tested.

Add that to the fact they obviously come with no warranty or instructions it could potentially be a recipe for disaster.

Is it really worth risking a debilitating injury for the sake of saving a little money?

What are the most common risks?

There are a few common risks associated with using a homemade penis extender:

  • Cuts and bruises: This is a common complaint mainly due to the cheap materials used to construct the device. The materials have not been finished properly and are quite rough and can also be quite sharp which can cut the soft skin on the penis. Cuts and bruises heal and very rarely scar but they can be incredibly painful and prevent a man from having sexual intercourse until they have healed. This healing process can take a lot longer as the skin is incredibly soft on the penis. These cuts also mean that you cannot use any extender for a while until you have completely healed. In the event of a cut(s) antiseptic healing cream is a great topical agent to kick-start and speed up the healing process.
  • Nerve and/or blood vessel damage: Nerve damage and blood vessel damage can happen when the blood flow to the penis is stopped for too long. If you were to experience loss of feeling or numbness in your penis then that could be a serious problem and you should head to the hospital right away and get it checked out.

If you want great gains in a safe and controlled manner then you should by a clinically tested, medically certified penis extender.

All of the penis extenders we have reviewed have been exhaustively tested before being deemed safe enough to sell to the public.

You only get one penis in this life so why would you take a change on causing irreparable damage to it.

There are lot of happy customers around the world using penis extenders and getting fantastic results.

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