Male Enhancement Reviews

Do Male Enhancement Products Really Work?

Get the facts surrounding pills, potions, pumps, exercises and surgeries that all claim to expand your manhood by reading our male enhancement reviews.

Everywhere you turn your head you will see adverts for procedures and products for penile enhancement. There is a plethora of pumps, pills, weight, surgeries, exercises and other potions out there that claim to increase both the width as well as the length of your penis.

However how do you know what method to opt for?

Of the techniques that you see advertised, most of them are not just effective, but also completely safe. However, before trying any of them, you should read some detailed male enhancement reviews to help determine the right product for you.

Penis Size: What’s considered to be normal?

It is very common to fear that your penis is too small and won’t satisfy your partner. However, many studies have been carried out and they have all shown that the majority of men who think they have small penises actually have a normally-sized manhood.

Studies have also shown that men constantly exaggerate what they deem to be “normal” as regards to penis size.

The length of the flaccid penis doesn’t always predict the erect length correctly. If your penis, when erect measures around 13cm or 5 inches, then it’s a perfectly normal size.

A penis is only actually considered to be abnormally small, a condition known as a micropenis, when its erect length is less than 7.5cm or 3 inches.

Sexual medicine consultant Professor Kevan Wylie suggests that when men are uncomfortable with the size of their penis, they should consult a medical professional before experiment with any treatments available.

“Many of the men that are worried about the size of their genitals are also suffering from body image issues,” he states. “What often happens is that the individual focuses his poor overall body image on his penis.”

“Often, a real difference can be made through counseling, as self-esteem is built up and the distorted bodily image the individual has is corrected, allowing the person to also learn about what makes a person attractive.”

Professor Kevan Wylie, Porterbrook Clinic NHS & Urology NHS, Sheffield.

So, while there really aren’t many safe options that you can try to grow your penis, there are plenty of things you can do to improve your body image and make yourself feel more confident.

  • Keep pubic hair trimmed – excessive pubic hair will make your penis look smaller than it really is.
  • Lose some weight – a big belly that overhangs your body can also make your penis appear to be smaller than it actually is.
  • Get into shape – When you get fit and into shape you will feel more attractive, this leading to an improved sex life too.

Professor Wylie assesses the effectiveness, safety and evidence of the different types of enlargement products available on to buy on the market.

How Partners View Your Penis Size

If you believe what you see in advertisement, you will believe that you partner cares a great deal about the size of your penis. If you are concerned, then the correct thing to do is to talk to your partner before you start reading male enhancement reviews.

Keep in mind that when you have a fuller and deeper understanding of your partner’s desires and needs, an improvement in your sexual relationship is far more likely to happen than if you simply change the size of your penis.

Penis Enlargement Products

Most of the methods that you find advertised for penis enlargement are can be ineffective. However we have conducted comprehensive male enhancement reviews on the products listed below:

  • Penis Extenders: To “stretch” the penis, an extender device or stretcher is attached. This technique for growing your penis involved placing a small extending frame or weight, sometimes known as a traction device, onto the flaccid penis in order to stretch it. This exerts gentle tension to the penis and is also referred to as a penile traction device. Studies carried have reported that by using such devices it is possible to increase penile size by up to 2 inches or 1 to 3 cm.
  • Penis Pumps: Vacuum pumps make the penis swell as the pump draws blood into the shaft. Pumps are often used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
  • Male Enhancement Pills: These generally contain herbs, minerals, and vitamins, or hormones that can promote penis growth.
  • Male Enhancement Exercises: Common penis extending exercises are often referred to as jelqing. These exercises use hand-over-hand motions to push blood from the base of the penis to its head. To jelq, you need to repeatedly pull the penis when in a flaccid state using the index finger and the thumb, in a bid to increase erection size. The idea behind such exercises is that pulling the penis will increase its blood capacity and the blood capacity of the erectile tissues, this ensuring an increase in both girth and length of the penis.

Penis Extenders

Penis extenders are considered the best male enhancement product on the market today. This is due to the fact they are the quickest and most efficient way to increase the size of the penis. They are a lot more affordable now than they once were and come with a huge range of discounts. While they do have a cost they are clinically tested medical devices. They also give considerably quicker gains than exercises alone and require very little effort compared with doing stretching exercises (such as jelqing) manually.

What is the best penis extender?

The three best penis extenders we reviewed are:

  1. Size Genetics Extender – Over 16 years ago, Size Genetics device was launched and has since become the most popular penis extension device. Initially, the ‘device only’ option was all that was available, however, before long the “Ultimate System” was also added. They key difference between the two is that the “Ultimate System” comes with a series of bonuses. This makes it excellent value for money and is why is surpasses its rivals. Many of these bonuses are exclusive to Size Genetics which gives it a significant advantage over its competitors.
  2. Male Edge Extender – Back in 1995, DanaMedic developed the first penis extender, the Jes-Extender. Dana Medic launched spin-off company called DanaLife and began developing an even better device. The result was the innovative Male Edge penis stretcher, which is not just discreet and stylish but can be used in the comfort of your own home.
  3. Jes Extender – Dana Medic have been active in the penis enlargement industry for over ten years and their team have designed and manufactured the Jes Extender penis stretcher.

Male Enhancement Pills

There is a lot of scepticism surrounding male enhancement pills and whether or not they actually make a difference. This is due to the huge amount of fake pills and scams circulating on the Internet. Pills mainly increase blood flow to the penis so it is unlikely that using them on their own will give significant gains.

That being said, they can be an excellent aid in your penis enlargement program. Using them in conjunction with a penis stretcher or penis exercises could result in good gains.

The best pills should come with various penis exercises for you to do while you are taking the pills. We have reviewed the best products and narrowed them down to the top performers so you can choose the best product.

Penis Exercises

Men have been using penis enlargement techniques (or penis exercises) to enlarge their penis for thousands of years. While these techniques are the most time-consuming of the penis enlarging methods, they are the safest. They were once very primitive but have now evolved to include penis stretching, dry milking and jelqing among other penis exercises that if done over time can enlarge your penis. For example, the jelqing technique is rumoured to date back centuries to Saudi Arabia. There are also kegel exercises that can help with premature ejaculation. We have listed the best techniques so you can choose which best suits you.

Male Enhancement Patches

Patches have the same stigma attached to pills do although maybe slightly less so as they are newer onto the market. As with pills they are not a wonder drug that will work by themselves. To enlarge penis length and girth, exercises or a penis extender must be used.

Patches have become a valid form of medicine and today they are used to help smokers break their addiction to nicotine. They are more discreet than taking pills as you just attach the patch to a hairless part of your skin. Patches are generally preferred to pills as they are far more discreet and it is just a matter of sticking it on and forgetting about it as opposed to pills that must be taken 2 or 3 times a day.

Penile Surgery

Studies carried out on surgical techniques for extending the penis have brought back mixed results, both for effectiveness and patient satisfaction as well as for safely.

At best, a surgery that divides the suspensory ligament may add 1 cm or half an inch to the length of the penis when in its flaccid state; it does not however change the actual length of the penis. A worst case scenario for penile surgery is scarring, infection, and other complication such as loss of function or sensation.

Penis Girth Surgery

Surgeries to increase the girth of the penis are also available, these using far taken from other parts of the body that is injected into the penis. Increases in circumference of between 1.4 and 4 cm have been reported.

However, studies carried out that followed up on men who opted for this surgery reported back dissatisfaction as well as complications such as lumpiness, scarring, infection, and disfigurement.

One other method that to date is still in its experimental stage is a method by which the skin of the penis is pulled back and wrapped over a biodegradable frame that has been filled with tissue cells.

According to Wylie, the use of biodegradable frames generally has better results than injecting fat directly into the penis. When fat is injected, over time, the body will re-absorb the fat, the penis therefore gradually returning to its original size.

Penis Length Surgery

This is a common technique used for lengthening the penis and involves the cutting of the ligament that attaches the penis to the pubic bone. A skin graft is then performed at the base of the penis that allows for extra length. Wylie states that this type of surgery can result in an average increase in length of 2cm of the flaccid penis. This technique however will not change the size of the erect penis.

Furthermore to this disappointing fact, angle of the erection will be lost, as the cut ligament can no longer provide the support needed in order for the erect penis to point high up.

“Many men who opt for this treatment don’t appreciate what the loss of angle means for them,” says Wylie”. It can actually make intercourse quite uncomfortable as a lot more maneuvering is required. The advantage of gaining 2cm of flaccid length is far outweighed by the loss of angle of the erect penis.

Professor Kevan Wylie, Porterbrook Clinic NHS & Urology NHS, Sheffield.


For men suffering from large bellies, liposuction to remove excess fat can result in the penis looking larger. When fat around the pubic area is removed, a partially-buried penis will look more prominent.

According to Wylie, the results of such cosmetic surgery are generally considered reasonable by those who opt for it.

“In the short-term, a 2cm gain can be seen as a result of liposuction. However, this fat may return to the area it is removed from if the patient goes on to gain weight”

“The procedure is generally a confident booster, but in order for the results to be long term, improved diet and exercise are needed”

Professor Kevan Wylie, Porterbrook Clinic NHS & Urology NHS, Sheffield.

However it should be noted that like with all surgeries, liposuction carries risks of complications and side effects. Due to all of the risks associated with surgery, men often read our male enhancement reviews and opt for a non-surgical method.

Methods That Could Help

There are some things that you can do if you are concerned about the size of your member but do not want to invest in any male enhancement products:

  • Communicate your fears with your partner. It may seem hard to break the habit of not discussing your needs and preferences, but when you do, you will be glad you did. It may even ignite a new spark in your sex life.
  • Lose belly fat and get into shape. Losing your beer gut will ensure your penis is no longer hidden under the excess fat around your belly.
  • Exercise regularly. Taking regular exercise can help you feel better about yourself as you get back into shape. It will also ensure better performance and endurance in the bedroom.
  • Therapy. Talk to a counselor or doctor if you are uncomfortable with the size of your penis. A family doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, or certified counselor can help.

Many men on simply hearing that they are normal will close the male enhancement reviews website and instantly feel better about themselves; others can feel better when they gain advice on how to satisfy their partner. Both of these methods require no cosmetic intervention.

Links between Sexual Health and Overall Health

With age, sexual performance declines. But, when you are experiencing a rapid decline in libido and performance, this can be a red flag. For example, erectile dysfunction can be an early indicator of heart disease.

Atherosclerosis can restrict blood flow to the penis and is a condition where fatty deposits build up inside the arteries. Small blood vessels that lead to the penis can become diseased a lot earlier than the larger vessels that go to the heart. Urologist at John Hopkins School of Medicine, Karen Boyle, told WebMD that “in younger men and middle-aged men, erectile dysfunction is one of the first signs of atherosclerosis”

For men who are at risk of heart disease and that are suffering from erectile dysfunction, Viagra or other pills isn’t enough, she states. These men need to limit their alcohol intake, and control their cholesterol and weight, and should also quit smoking. By making these changes alone, sexual function can be improved.

Some men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction or low libido are also suffering from low testosterone levels. A deficiency in testosterone can also affect energy levels and mood.

Boyle tests for the levels of testosterone in her patients, and then prescribes it in a gel form. She warns however that this is only safe when monitored by a physician. Testosterone used by bodybuilders that is not safely prescribed can indeed be dangerous.

For men who have no underlying health problems, Boyle often prescribes marriage counseling or psychiatric men for those with relationship problem or psychiatric problems respectively. Commonly, she will prescribe a low dose of Viagra, coupled with counseling. “These men are in need of the reassurance from a physician that everything is going to be OK” she adds.


Many men believe that a bigger penis will make them more attractive or will make them a better lover and so rush to websites covering male enhancement reviews. However, the chances are that your penis is actually a completely normal size already.

Even if you do have a penis that is slightly smaller than the average, your partner most likely won’t find this a problem.

The actual solution to your problem could lie with simply talking things through with your partner, or taking some exercise and losing some fat. If you find these solutions don’t work for you, take the step of getting in touch with a counselor and talking openly about your concerns.

However if you still feel like you want to increase your penis size then please read our male enhancement reviews to find the best product for you.

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