Male Enhancement Reviews

Do Male Enhancement Products Really Work?

Male enhancement IS possible contrary to articles that state otherwise.

The hardest part is deciding which method is best for you.

Using modern methods such as penis stretchers, extenders, pills, techniques and other exercises you can increase the size of the penis.

We have reviewed numerous products in order to find the best ones for you.

Most, if not all of the techniques and products we have researched, are medically endorsed.

If you are unhappy about your penis size and want to do something about it then you must do your own research.

This is what has brought you here.

There are numerous sites on the Internet claiming to be the “best natural male enhancement website” promising unbelievable results in a very short time period.

With many being scams, we have compiled the most effective methods in order to try and weed them out.

This allows you to make an informed decision on which would be method would be best for you.

Penis Extenders

Penis extenders are considered the best natural male enhancement product on the market today.Penis Extender

This is due to the fact they are the quickest and most efficient way to increase the size of the penis.

They are a lot more affordable now than they once were and come with a huge range of discounts.

While they do have a cost they are clinically tested medical devices.

They also give considerably quicker gains than exercises alone and require very little effort compared with doing stretching exercises such as jelqing manually.

What is the best penis extender?

The three best penis extenders we reviewed are:

  1. Size Genetics Penis Extender – Over 16 years ago, Size Genetics device was launched and has since become the most popular penis extension device. Initially, the ‘device only’ option was all that was available, however, before long the “Ultimate System” was also added. They key difference between the two is that the “Ultimate System” comes with a series of bonuses. This makes it excellent value for money and is why is surpasses its rivals. Many of these bonuses are exclusive to Size Genetics which gives it a significant advantage over its competitors.
  2. Male Edge Penis Extender – Back in 1995, DanaMedic developed the first penis extender, the Jes-Extender. Dana Medic launched spin-off company called DanaLife and began developing an even better device. The result was the innovative Male Edge penis stretcher, which is not just discreet and stylish but can be used in the comfort of your own home.
  3. Jes Extender – Dana Medic have been active in the penis enlargement industry for over ten years and their team have designed and manufactured the Jes Extender penis stretcher.

Male Enhancement Pills

Male Enhancement Patches

There is a lot of scepticism surrounding penis enlargement pills and whether or not they actually make a difference.

This is due to the huge amount of fake pills and scams circulating on the Internet.

Pills mainly increase blood flow to the penis so it is unlikely that using them on their own will give significant gains.

That being said, they can be an excellent aid in your penis enlargement program. Using them in conjunction with a penis stretcher or penis exercises could result in good gains.

The best pills should come with various penis exercises for you to do while you are taking the pills. We have reviewed the best products and narrowed them down to the top performers so you can choose the best product.

What are the best pills?

The three best performers in the pills category we reviewed were:

  1. Male ExtraAfter 9 years of scientific research Male Extra have developed pills with a unique formula. The Male Extra pill can aid penis gains, if taken while doing exercises. It may also help you achieve thicker, harder erections.
  2. Pro SolutionAfter 5 years research Pro Solutions™ has developed a pill that helps with erection quality, stamina and low libido.
  3. VigRX Plus Nearly a decade ago VigRX developed the VigRX Plus The VigRX Plus pill increases the blood flow to the penis which can allow for stronger erections and if taken while performing exercises, a bigger penis.

Penis Exercises

Men have been using penis enlargement techniques (or penis exercises) to enlarge their penis for thousands of years.

While these techniques are the most time-consuming of the penis enlarging methods, they are the safest.

They were once very primitive but have now evolved to include penis stretching, dry milking and jelqing among other penis exercises that if done over time can enlarge your penis.

For example, the jelqing technique is rumoured to date back centuries to Saudi Arabia.

There are also kegel exercises that can help with premature ejaculation. We have listed the best techniques so you can choose which best suits you.

What are the best exercise programs?

  1. Penis Health – The best penis exercise program we have encountered is Penis Health™. Penis Health™ have 9 years experience in the natural male enhancement industry and created the original penis exercise program and DVD. The exercises they have developed can increase penis size and erection strength and may help you achieve thicker, harder erections.


Male Enhancement Patches

Patches have the same stigma attached to pills do although maybe slightly less so as they are newer onto the market.Pro Enhance Patches

As with pills they are not a wonder drug that will work by themselves. To enlarge penis length and girth, exercises or a penis extender must be used.

Patches have become a valid form of medicine and today they are used to help smokers break their addiction to nicotine. They are more discreet than taking pills as you just attach the patch to a hairless part of your skin.

Patches are generally preferred to pills as they are far more discreet and it is just a matter of sticking it on and forgetting about it as opposed to pills that must be taken 2 or 3 times a day.

What are the best patches?

  1. Pro Enhance Patches – We have rated Pro Enhance patches number 1 in our review for various reasons. The Pro Enhance patch is currently the number one market leading natural male enhancement patch. It is incredibly convenient. It is just a matter of putting it on and leaving it until it needs replaced. It stayed on when showering but obviously has to come off for swimming. The Erection System™ penis exercises that come with the patch are also excellent.

Alternative Methods

The best way to increase the size of the penis is through tried and tested methods.

There are a number of alternative options on the market that allegedly increase the penis though.

They range from penile surgery, vacuum pumps and creams and vary greatly in effectiveness and cost. Most are expensive and ineffective and some even dangerous.

We are constantly updating the site and reviewing new male enhancement products in our quest to find the best ones.

We are also adding new content all the time so please bookmark us and check back soon to see whats new.

Thanks for visiting and good luck!

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